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  1. i would go just for bringer =0!
    but idk i "might" go and plus theres alot of FA pieces there soo maybe
  2. um, you're lame! you should come visit for a month ^_^ (not really but i'd be cool to me haha)
  3. Umm that was lame!
  4. I spy sausag3 on candi's page. So is he a candicoated sausage? Glad to see no more bloody

    p.s. Miss you saus!
  5. I am currently in Venus. I already miss our pvp's , but I'm also slowing my game time down bcs school. I'll talk to you more about it tonight. <3 you Cass
  6. Are you even in guild?! o.o
  7. if i have to retype it then nvm
  8. what do you mean by that hahaha
  9. Lmao stick to cabal
  10. lol, no seriously, i swear you're always on! Hahaha, but yea did you get my joke or do you actually have a bf for real this time ?
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