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  1. my stats still fail but w/e
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzJsy...MhJQTa-1NFS6RF

    lul me and my friends used this to try MO today. was our first serious try. we failed T_T
    we got to the boss at 13:00 and all died + time ran out @[email protected]
  3. lol i wish i had those stats
    and ty for the guide
  4. got it to like 40%-ish with 2 bars. >;
  5. lol
    how far did u get wit 2bars?
  6. Tried to 3 bar quad. didn't happen. uploading my super nub as shat 4 bar now :[
  7. gratz on lvl180
    my cdi is 79 way to low -.-
  8. 180 rank up done! new stats now o.o
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