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  1. lol
  2. Hii FA!
  3. Rene Rene join my FA group! http://forum.cabal.com/group.php?groupid=79
  4. let me translate that cathy (i can speak filipino)
    "hey jokla (slang for g@y) you cant do anything huh? lol okay just keep on copying this pm, this is the the only tihng that youre good at, copy and bash your head, im really gunna kill you! you'll see. just keep on laughing, maybe im somewhere out there and will just stab you, so that your blood will overflow g@y!!!"

    What a retarded psycho. >.<
  5. I dont know. I feel lazy to ask them. >< Not a problem to me though
  6. Why did they lock your guild?!
  7. hii
  8. Grats!!!!
    1 more to go! go get it
  9. I'm finally 179
  10. Yeah. He might just be browsing
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