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Conversation Between CandiCoatted and Corvettezr1

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  1. dont waste ur damn money on a wiz -.-
  2. no reason to log in without a weap......And! i Wanna spend my orb money =/
    Unless i find a 170 wiz 400+xfer =)
  3. im bored..
  4. LOL i aint lieing, ive proven my abilities to u before =]
  5. Nah..... You don't really have said to make you think ur pro.

    But enough with the lies
  6. LOL, idk about that cassey, and plus u do hate on me! saying i hax
  7. No one hates on you....Some people dont even know you!
  8. ohhhh plz, you be hating on me not hating on your crown which you dont have
  9. Oh plzz you be hating on my Crown
  10. lol well idk, i dont hate tho so dont trip
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