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  1. If that's the case no reason for other people to rage when I kill them. Getting all worked up over a "scrubnub". I smh @ some of them
  2. oh i see, but you're just a scrubnub in war channel that aint hate
  3. Oh please i live in war ch since.. 08...i generate haters k
  4. They have been hating on me even since then, lol oh so you think you're hated on as well?
  5. I heard you were called a crossdresser b4 you even hit 180....But i soo can relate to what your saying =)
  6. well, you see....whenever someone is just too pro, other people try to find something to make fun of them by, and that just happens to be another nonfact about me, namsayin?
  7. My friend told me you were a crossdresser

    explain plz o.O
  8. wow you're no fun
  9. messed up this convo by lying!

    this convo ova!
  10. hi, im Nuve im a boss
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