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  1. oooohhh yeah i remember!
  2. u dont need to know my name, but think back to the guy that took u (GPat), CS, n 3 other lv50s to run their first DT ghost ship party and ended up with half the party dead by the time we finished. ^^
  3. what was your name o.o?
  4. im from venus why?.......btw Pat i just remember back when u n CS were still newbs......i even ran a dungeon with u guys good times.
  5. if i have very strong computer with a good video maker, i would make the stories directly in game :P
    i already have alot of ideasssssss o.o

    are you from merc or venus lol?
  6. yea go and make the forums special with ur stories..........most are actually pretty fun to read
  7. maybe summer and when im not guild leader anymore lol
  8. Pat if u do get first place back in trolling others will just make more thread just for u again.
  9. i can get the first place back if i want to lol
  10. Pat u need to troll MOAR u lost ur first place trolling to lethal.............
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