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Conversation Between missabear and Milk

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  1. But i have no cookies =[
  2. ill give u free milk for your cookies... best deal #1
  3. lol no XI is not an officer >.< Let us know when you get here, it may be a bit before recruitment is completely open tho
  4. let me on sei vent, ull love my singing. who says by selena gomez!
  5. is XI AN OFFICER??? i in venus atm, ill tell u when i transfer. and do i really have to sing to get in??
  6. Umm....who are you in game o.o And recruitment is semi-closed unless you know an officer well and they vouch for you.
  7. ok -hug-. now how do i join!!!! i wanna join 4realz. im a force archer 175+ . lemme join lemme joinzzzzz
  8. First you must give the missabears lots of hugs o.o
  9. i wanna join seireitei how2joinz?
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