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  1. I still have my 144 wiz no bm also
  2. Well...I do have a lvl 161 FS....but it has no gears to really effectively IC2 with. It doesn't even have BM3.
  3. It all comes down to of ill stay focus... Even tho I have two BB 200% that I've been saving lol
  4. It's not a dream hun. ^_^ You can do it
  5. 190... It's only just a dream. Or I just dungeon dungeon and buy a 190 hr20 character lol
  6. Ofc. I've yet to even see it mentioned in possibilities.
  7. And your sure lvl 200 isn't comming up Anytime soon? LoL
    I'll have a chance to be 190 for awhile. If I finally go grind
  8. Well, if I had been home, I could have clicked it. I left my PC on for a server for minecraft of my sis's map so she could play on it that way. Its ok. I've already started typing it up again, in a little bit different order. It'll probably look kinda like real patch notes once I'm done haha.
  9. Your suppose to click postpone! Lmao, me and my computer always go back and forth with that! And I let it update when I'm about o go out then I go wild.
  10. As a matter of fact I was last night for 3 hours. And Then windows updated and restarted while I was at work and the whole thing got deleted. I was compiling what will most likely be in our Ep 10. I will re-write it tonight.
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