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  1. idk
  2. what episode is kakashi vs hidan
  3. mmmhm
  4. u will see and im having problems loging in keep d/c ing ..........reloged like 10 times and gave up and rebooted and something happened..............
  5. lol wats ur dudes name. im in mf right now farming
  6. hey ima start playing in a few ill be looking for u........
  7. ep 169
  8. yup sad =/

    i watched the new episode this week, he finally beats pain
  9. yeah u no when he used to poke sasuke on the four head...when he was little when u always wanted to do somethign with itachi..... he said sorry sasuke next time ok......but at the end i kept rewinding to this part he said ahh man ...he said sorry sasuke this will be the last time.........T_T well he poked him first then said that like he used to do when he was little
  10. yea same here, but when i saw that i was so shocked lol
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