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  1. It's quite unfair that they have decided to ignore further tickets regarding the scamming issue. When Lovextreme got scammed by FierySaggballz they helped him, its actually pretty much the same case. So, I dont understand that. o.o
  2. dont judge a book by its cover. LOL. I just wanted to try something new so I chose WA
  3. Lol for real? You struck me as an fa>fb>wi>wa since you like freestyling but whatever suits you. :P And go message pat, he's playing again also get those crazy dungeon drops!
  4. WA. lol
  5. Oh really? You're playing which class now, FB?
  6. Yeag im back, just not on my FA
  7. You coming back for EP 10 Kimi?
  8. k done
  9. Clean your inbox!
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