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  1. buy my fa bic boi. only 20 bil!
  2. dat means every1 has +11 orbs in merc -.-
  3. dudde 7 amp +11 orbs are 400mil here gear up in merc instead of venus
  4. -.-
    lol not goin to merc till i gear up abit more
  5. don't buy a t4 fa just come to merc and do t5 -.- we got like 40 v 40 wars here!
  6. Read my bm3 thread on fa section
  7. find me a good orb >:
  8. mang you need to get to merc. last war was 30 proc v 34 cap. won like 95k - 80k. hellaaa fun. even got to kill turdcox again in the last 1 minute :P
  9. lol yea but i just got my merg just now -.-
    need 2 update again
  10. yay you updated your stats o.o
    i been inactive for last couple week, just pet skilling xD about another 2 weeks until i get lv.10
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