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  1. why does we have to make exception in anti-virus...

    why does we have to make exception in anti-virus for the cabal? that is our protection before the maintenance/patch doesn't have any problem. maybe other's right there maybe have a virus or something...
  2. Big problem for the players cannot enter cabal

    what happen to this patch/maitenance why do we have to remove from anti virus the cabal? before maintenance/patch it was fine, is there any reason why do we have to do that? but before we dont have...
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    why like this? sigh i cannot play my free premium...

    why like this? sigh i cannot play my free premium will end tommorrow how come i cannot level my character. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz no body give us a solution something fails about the their update
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    July 13 and 14 maintenance

    hi guys can you help me because i cannot enter server selection after this maintenance happened it appears like this " please restart the game to receive the update" "please restart the game again"...
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    Damage map quest

    is there anyone who can help me about the quest "damage map" details is adventurer's lodgings naain i receice the hidden map from her to have it restored. receive concealed map and go. please tell me...
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