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Thread: BloodOrchid recruiting

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    BloodOrchid recruiting

    Fun and active guild^.^
    We are a fiendly guild that loves to boss hunt and run dungeon's.
    We are currently recruiting lvl's 100+
    Pm jenus for guild invite. Ty

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    We would also love to help you out in any way possible may it be rank up or even from a pk that you didn't start, we would be there to back you up. So please join and pm jenus or any bloodorchid representative for guild invite. Thank you

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    Bump this is a really good guild please join :]

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    bump :]

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    Titanium zAgonyz's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Orlando, FL
    Bump one up for a channel 18 guild....when 18 comes back lmao.

    Knight/Stormy Great Gladiator

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    Apr 2010
    Philly and surrounding areas but can usualy be found at the range
    right on though I think they should of gave us 18 at the start since it IS the best chan by far CHAN 18 LOVE W00T

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    still recruiting!

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    Shadow Titanium Jenus's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    bump. we also have a guild website but its not really in use atm but if youd like to check it out its http://www.bloodorchid-cabal.webs.com/ if you cant pm me (since ive been having alot of computer trouble lately) then pm one of my officers or contact us through any guild member. wed be glad to have you. :]

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    Shadow Titanium Jenus's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    My name is Amber aka Jenus the guild leader of BloodOrchid. BloodOrchid was origionally made in other games such as Shaiya, Flyff, WoW, Aion, Cabal PS, Runescape, well you get it a long list of games. I was the one to maintain the guild and start it on all the games except Flyff (later took over leadership for a year) and Aion (not sure if this one still exsists). We proudly say that we are a family and work together to the best of our abilities.

    Okay well this is what I want to say about the guild:

    BloodOrchid was first made on CABAL in July 07, 2008. Alot of our origional members are from the old guild TheChoosenOnez which died tragicly. With how Blood came into exsistance it bothered alot of the guilds on our home channel so Blood was on every guild on 18's KoS. Later people discovered that the creater (myself) had nothing to do with the death of TCO. BloodOrchid has always been known as an annoying guild because of the few trouble makers (that we kicked mind you) but we soon cleaned up our act. Now we try our best to do everything we can to protect our guild members and our allies. We don't ally many guilds because we don't like to be dragged into random guild drama. Our only ally as of right now is DarkCovenant which we proudly watch over. BloodOrchid isn't known as a power guild but we do take pride in how well we work with what levels and gear we have. We like to joke around and have fun with each other so if something bothers you let us know cause we are a really laid back guild.

    Benifits of being in the guild:

    1. We all have alot of different level characters that can help with the leveling process.
    2. We like to run FT in duos and trios.
    3. We will help lower levels with any quest we can possible if we aren't busy.
    4. We share entry keys. To help a guildmate helps the guild as a whole.
    5. We may not always give you what you need directly but we can do our best to help you.
    6. When new dungeons come out we run them with our main 6 members before inviting others for the soul purpose for learning the dungeon. Afterwards we will mix around the parties.
    7. We use Ventrilo for better communication.
    8. We try to gain unity and frienship within the guild.
    9. We learn how each other plays to strengthen the guild as a whole.
    10. Dungeon races, Pk wars, Guild Meetings every weekend, Tournaments for guild bringer, Rank ups, Boss hunting, big dungeons, nation war, and the occational war channel raids.

    Things we don't tolerate:

    1. Beggers/Scammers.
    2. Botters/Hackers.
    3. Trouble starters.
    4. Being inactive for too long. (usually give about a week sometimes 2) But when given a reason for absence.
    5. Spamming.

    My Characters:
    Jenus 16x FB, JenusLear 14x BL, Fujisaki 12x FA, JenusJr 11x sFS, LydianVoks 11x Wiz, JennyPoo 10x WA.
    If you need me to help you level or anything just ask. I have enough levels to do different kind of grinding.


    Xandrux 15x BL
    SpectreFS 14x sFS
    KillerArcher23 14x FA
    TitusAquilinus 14x BL
    3yeSetToKill 14x sFS


    HoldMaGroin 14x mFS
    Ultimas 13x BL

    To join just contact one of us or our guildies above level 110. We'd be glad to have you.
    Last edited by Jenus; 05-26-2010 at 08:16 PM.

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    Osmium TitusTyrannus's Avatar
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    New Hampshire
    Yah. What she said. PEW PEW

    TitusAquilinus-180 BL
    Knight of Passion/Stormy Great Gladiator/Famed Blade Craftsman
    TitusAquiInus- 10X BL
    Famed Headpiece Crafter
    TitusTyrannus- 13X WA

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