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Thread: wEoD party

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    wEoD party

    I'll be looking for a few people to spam wEoD with me.
    I'm a WI so I'll be taking the martial gear and phery orbs
    You can have the rest.

    Hit me up if you're interested.
    I'm not on too often now since school just started again, but I do still intend on spamming the crap out of this dungeon!

    (I'm in Australian time zones)
    Characters: JoneFA - Level 16x FA (capella) [banned]

    Battle boot crafter:
    Currently up to level 7 - forcium

    Martial boot crafter:
    Currently up to level 3 - titanium *new*

    Buying list:
    -Battle Cart Lv3: 300k each
    -Battle Cart Lv4: 1m each
    -Osmium Battleboots 2 slots +0: 8m each
    -Thunder Discs Lv4: 4m each
    -Soul Disc Lv2: 5m per stack

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    May 2010
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    ill be there soon on my fs

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