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Thread: Buying crafting material/selling things

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    Buying crafting material/selling things

    Quartz Core Aqua
    Material Cores Titanium/ Shadow Titanium
    Quartz Core Blue Forcium/Mat. core Blue Forcium
    Unknown Circuits
    Illusion Coral
    Astral Skulls
    Machinery Head
    CA Units
    SEL -12m each
    ACBF-5m each

    Buying the materials in bulks or separately pm goldfalcon in game or post on this thread

    Selling the following:
    Belt of Prevent +2 - 150m
    Titanium Battle Suit w/ Max rate in slot - 25m
    Osmium Armor Helm +6 5/20- 10m
    Osmium Martial Boots +9 w/ M amp in slot (will sell if I get a decent offer)

    Thank you! (any non bumps or offers will be ignored :P)
    Last edited by GoldFalcon22; 10-07-2010 at 03:55 PM.

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