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Thread: Def Sense vs Reflex

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    Def Sense vs Reflex

    Which one is better for WI? Def sense or Reflex?

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    Bumping this because I have the same question.

    Other skills are pretty standard:
    vit mastery, both +m.atk skills, dmg absorb, 6th sense, ?

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    simple answer for classes that have to choose between the two (fs, wa, wi, maybe fa) is to choose based on ur preference, pve or pvp, and ur gear. if u prefer pve and can get full forc amp, ur pretty much fine using defensive sense since forc gives decent enough def rate for pve, whereas if u cant u might consider reflex for def rate. if ur a pure war/pvp person the obvious choice is def sense cuz u can expect ppl to be comboing, therefore making def rate moot

    fb and bl have it easy, 3k+ def rate easy w/o reflex

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    I mainly PvE (leveling up) and farm (still < L110) but I do like to war sometimes just to get honor points. I think I would be satisfied with rank 11 honor for now (long ways to go). Maybe go with reflex and then switch to defense sense at 170+? It's really expensive to change upgrades.

    I think I will be using a mix of osm/stit for a long time.

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