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Thread: Ps3 or Xbox???

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    God has shares in sony and loves his Ps3 almost as much as he loves the angels in heaven itself, because the ps3 is a slice of heaven, he also uses the failbox360 as a bathroom scale and a toilet bowl cover.

    nuff said?

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    Junior Member NathanUc2's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Hardcore gaming : Ps3. It has the best exclusives, highest quality hardware, best a/v output, and most flexible hardware. Free online is a huge plus too.

    If you are just a casual gamer, xbox might work better for you due to it's bigger library of mediocre/cheap games (xbla).

    I play both online but prefer ps3 online. Xbox seems filled with more douchs and kids for some reason... The only thing I like more about Xbox is the ability to play personal music regardless of what game you are playing... too bad it doesn't allow streaming in game or swappable hard drives though.

    All and all... as long as you don't get a Wii, you're solid

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    You'd like to know, wouldn't you?

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