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Thread: PVP Combo?

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    PVP Combo?

    What are some good pvp combos with meteorite.

    stats are:

    910 m.attk

    41 rate

    158 dmg

    36 m.amp

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    Depends on your play style. Depends on what lvl your met/EDC are at, depends on how you display your skills on bar, etc. Everyone has its preferences, you should really just go out at dummies and try different things.

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    rule of thumb

    strongest to weakest (btwn three lances)
    terra,fire, aqua

    same with cannons
    stone , fire , aqua

    ...generally lances will not deal decent enough dmg until you have enough amp

    untill you get close to 40 percent amp u might wanna stick with cannons...

    all depends though..what you prefer...

    obv finishers will include edc , sc, meteorite..

    all depending of course on what level you choose to have them at...

    hope this helped

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