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Thread: hi lvl 160 wizard looking for a guild

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    hi lvl 160 wizard looking for a guild

    hi i havent played in a year except once in a great while for maybe 30 mins here and there months apart so aint uptodate on whats been going on

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    join roguemaciavellians pm shoey13 :]

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    Osmium CriSai's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Join FiRe! PM Refurbished / F9AngeL

    Human Thief - Guild Wars 2, Anvil Rock
    60 Elyos Cleric - Aion, Tiamat (Vaizel & Zikel merged)

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    Rogue! not FiRe!

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    thx anyways didnt know aion was back cause for a little while some had left while i was gone but so rejoined aion again

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