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Thread: Bof3 slotted failssss

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    You can't really see the difference between a bof 3 slot compared to a bof 4 or 5 but go run a dungeon how you'd normally run it and you'll see a better run time with the bof 3 slot

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    the more amp you have the stronger your bm2 is

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    I know this is old thread...but can't help but notice inub did things incorrect plus I have nothing else to do right now LOL...

    Inub used the damage you do for a skill, then he calculated the effects of the bracelets based on that damage...but the effects of the bracelets factor in before the damage is calculated...

    first of all, the attack on the bracelets is added to the base attack you already have....which makes your base attack different depending on which bracelets you have on.

    second, the amp of the skill you use and the total amp you have from other gear should be factored in as well...the amp alters things...

    when you do the math right, bof+6's always do more damage than slotted bof+3's up to a certain point...since the min damage of bof+6 is always much higher, the Min Damage of bof+6 will also be much higher....thus having more consistently high damage over time from BOF+6's.

    Even if you add in the effects of defense from players or mobs, the Bof+6 will still do more damage than slotted bof+3 as well, but again up to a certain point....

    So just wanted to post that for anyone who reads this thread....had I seen this thread months ago when it was posted, I'd have posted this info then.

    So now for some numbers...I always love an example, don't u LOL....the formula is...

    (Base Attack + attack from bof's) * (1 + amp from skill + total amp from gear) + add damage = max damage (value you see in your character sheet)

    FYI, minimum damage is based on a percentage (different for each class between 10% - 20%...exampl, FS is 15%, WA is 20%...WI and FA always do max damage...they don't use BOF's anyway..which is why BOS's don't have min dmg and get add dmg instead).

    With Base attack 1000 and using a skill with 85% amp and 1008 add damage...crit damage won't be shown here...

    using BOF+6
    (1000 + 17) * (1 + .85 + .07) + 1008 = 2960.64

    using slotted BOF+3
    (1000 + 10) * (1 + .85 + .08) + 1008 = 2957.30

    As you can see Bof+6 does 3 more damage than slotted Bof+3....but wait, you have more amp you say...ok, lets say you have 50% amp from your other gear....

    using BOF+6
    (1000 + 17) * (1 + .85 + .07 + .50) + 1008 = 3469.14

    using slotted BOF+3
    (1000 + 10) * (1 + .85 + .08 + .50) + 1008 = 3462.30

    Again, Bof+6 does more damage (7 more actually) than slotted Bof+3...but you say you have much higher base attack...ok, lets see...just for the point of it, lets say base attack is 2000

    using BOF+6
    (2000 + 17) * (1 + .85 + .07) + 1008 = 4880.64

    using slotted BOF+3
    (2000 + 10) * (1 + .85 + .08) + 1008 = 4887.30

    Oh looky there....Slotted BOF+3 finally does more damage than BOF+6....but ask yourself this, how likely is it you will have 2000 base attack? During BM2 + Aura + a crap load of outside buffs (buffs from other classes) + buff pots..etc. At what point does slotted BOF+3 do more damage than BOF+6?

    Well the answer to that is actually conditional....if your using a skill with 85% amp, you'd need a base attack of 1360 before slotted BOF+3 does more damage than BOF+6.

    If you are using a skill with 25% amp, you'd need roughly 960 base attack before slotted BOF+3 does more damage than BOF+6.

    Overall, lower amp skills benefit more from adding amp than higher amp skills does...hopefully things are a bit clearer and you now understand why Inub's post weren't looking at things the right way. THough the damage difference is minimal, the real gem of BOF+6's over slotted BOF+3's is the minimum damage....this is highly underrated because most people look at damage in short burst such as during pvp....we think of damage as how much we can do in the least number of attacks and how fast we can do it....we never think of long sustained damage...such as what you need when fighting a dungeon boss..

    Over time, having 14% min dmg gives a higher DPS than having 8% min damage...because your constantly hitting for higher damage with the BOF+6's than with the BOF+3's....

    So lets take the results of the last comparison above 4880.64 dmg (BOF+6) vs 4887.30 (BoF+3)...the min/max damage range of say a FS would be...

    BOF+6 = 4831 - 4880 (for FS you need just 1% more min dmg before hitting for 4880 every attack all the time)
    BOF+3 = 4545 - 4887 (for FS you need just 7% more min dmg before hitting for 4887 every attack all the time)

    As you can see, even though BOF+3 would do 7 more max damage than BOF+6, the BOF+6 would do 286 more minimum damage than the BOF+3...so when you hit max damage, you do 7 more damage, when you hit minimum damage, you do 286 less damage. This difference isn't an issue when you crit because crits are always max damage * crit damage....so BOF+3's will always get a bit more from crits than BOF+6's when you have 1360+ Base attack.
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    bof3 slot helps for bls retarget xD

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