I have tried contacting Estsoft about the issue and the tickets I open have not even been responded!

I will explain my situation from the beginning as it seams maybe I'm not clear enough.

I originally I was playing cabal when OGP was still handling it, my cabal OGP account got screwed up in a weird way, it was blocked for some strange reason and the GM's would not even care to check my info to see what was wrong.

I could login normally to the website, but at the moment of login into the game that my user and pass did not match... "what??!" I said. So I stopped playing until the global server opened.

By the time the US service with OGP Ended, cabal was transfered to Estsoft, I tried to transfer my OGP account to you, but I was getting the same error "User name and pass do not match" I contact the help desk and all they said was "Go to the OGP website and reset your PW" but I was not able to do it, since by that time (After a lot of arguing with OGP) they banned my account and I was not able to even reset my PW, at the end, I was able to transfer my account from OGP to East soft but for some reason.... MY CHARS WERE NEVER TRANSFERED, I contacted the help desk again (Estsoft) and no luck at all.

Now that I want to transfer my global account to the US server, I can't because it's telling me that the character names are already in use! So I believe that my characters did transfer but were not put in my account.

Now I have 2 problems, My US account transfered but not my characters or items, my global account can't transfer because the character names are already in use!! (Yes, I tend to name my main character the same on any game)

What can be done about this?

Can Estsoft restore my US OGP account, or they change my character names on the global account so I can transfer them since the global server has already shut down, I cannot log on and do it myself...

SO I'm very frustrated... like I said... I have already opened 2 tickets and they still have not replied to any of them...

My last ticket # is 13957 explaining this whole thing with the log in info for my 3 accounts, OGP account, New cabal US account, and cabal global.....

Can someone shed a little light on this??