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Thread: Panic Cave guide (Melee Class)

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    Post Panic Cave guide (Melee Class)

    Probably a guide somewhere (other than that video with the FS), but people still don't know how to do it so flame on. Before getting SS for this guide, I just 2 barred this dungeon on hard. Yep, you can do it too I'm proud, flame like I said.

    1. I have 918 def in PvP gear. No vamp equipped at all. K-red and eof+7 at this point. I'll let you know when you need more defense.
    2. Go in, you'll see a dead guy. Click it and click through all the options. You'll see the stone wall disappear, run through it, kill the Beetle+ (there's only one).

    3. Once the beetle is dead, run passed the next stone wall and kill the snake+ (again, there's only one and it's almost the last snake you find so don't have fear of running by it).

    4. Once the snake is dead, run passed the next stone wall and kill the scorpion+ (it's the last scorpion and again only one).

    5. Once the scorpion is dead, run passed the next stone wall and you'll see x3 Hound+ and x1 Hound. Now, I'm not really sure which one triggers the next step in the quest line so mob them up and kill them until one works.

    6. After the hounds are dead run up to the next dead corpse and click through his discussion. After that you'll see "HURRY UP" flash on your screen so start heading back towards the entrance.

    7. You'll come to a stone wall, hack on it until it breaks.

    8. Run up further and you'll see x3 Nookies. Make sure you run passed them and get between them and the stone wall or you WILL get one shot when the worm comes up behind you.

    9. Keep going until you see a small opening between two rocks. Go to the otherside of that and STOP. The worm is going to get stuck here and you need to kill it. I suggest BM2 and retarget. The easiest way to do it is to click on the right 1/2 of this small tree / big leaf (whichever it is) and that will select the worm.

    10. After you kill the worm proceed towards the exit and you'll be stopped by another stone wall that you need to destroy. Once that's down run back to this location. (you don't need to yet, but later on you will).

    When you get here you need more defense so I equip bluebike+6 (24 def) and eog+7 (40 def) + 918 gives me 982 def and that's enough to finish the dungeon. If you don't have bluebike +6 you can use K-Sky board (that has 18 def / 50HP), bluebike+4 (18 def) or anything with more defense than that.

    If you don't have EoG+7 or a bike or a K-Sky board, use some forcy or find some other means to get at least 975 total defense.
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