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Thread: Cabal II (Why have you not told us)

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    Quote Originally Posted by imadouchebag View Post
    Cabal II looks like sh!t.

    Quote Originally Posted by XxBeriBearxX View Post
    yes he is my boyfriend =,= irl. not e-dating crap end of story :3 ty
    sure you are, ugly cu/nt ....prove me wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumoke Bolanle View Post

    The first video was made entirely by me and is just concept art made for cabal 1 and 2 with music + voice over...

    The second video:
    That isn't from EstSoft. It is a chinese company who hosted the original cabal for a while until their contract ended.
    They then announced Cabal 2 which they developed themselves and it is not a sequel to cabal online. It is developed by Moliyo.

    Still, I do think the trailer looks pretty good ^^ Even though it's all CGI and the game won't look like that.

    The game is actually not called Cabal it is called EarthShaking (english translation) which was the chinese name chosen for cabal. So really they are just calling the game EarthShaking2 even though it isn't a sequel to the first and isn't even an EstSoft game ^^

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    if cabal 2 release, i'll laugh at those insulting the cabal online 2.

    for now.

    just wait.
    and you'll eat all bad complements what you've said about cabal 2.

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    this cabal trailer is fake. its not real cabal of EST soft.
    i'ved already saw the real cabal 2, and if you look at the maps, soriunding, character, its awesome.

    but to those didnt know and saying I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ about cabal 2.

    i'll laugh at those noob people.
    cabal 2 using cryengine 3. EST from korea has announce it.
    but didn't release the full info, and teaser of cabal 2.

    to those who know that. then believe that ESTsoft can make it.
    to those didn't want, and saying sh!t again on cabal 2.
    then eat all of your own sh!t, because you're a noob.

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    some ifno you want in cabal 2?

    here what you want.

    Click ME

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    Thats an actual video of it, kinda old but meeh oh well...

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    whats the news now

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