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Thread: Another Stupid Question from SckMyShield O.o

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    Question Another Stupid Question from SckMyShield O.o

    Hey guys.. What is the best way to skill train for FS?
    Also, can anyone post the best moves to have/save for PvP and PvE? and how much + did u add to it?

    Please reply!

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    To skill train while being lazy, you can just afk on dummies, if you want faster then go hit monsters. Some important moves for sFS are SG/SS/SB/FK. :l
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    Oh.. cool.. but for the afk on dummies, do i use normal attack or magic?

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    Use like impact stab + magic arrow or something, so at low lvls you don't lose lots of mp, normal attack doesn't give u skill exp
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    use like the first three magic arrows
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    Magic Arrow, Aqua Arrow, and Wind Arrow all level 1 use the least amount of mp. Combo against mobs skilling go all lvl9 (lvl 9 on any skill is its fastest recharge level). Sword skills and bypass magic, Impact Stab, Flash Draw, and Force Stab lvl9 until you finish maxing out trans, then can delete Flash Draw and bump impact and Force Stab up to 20 for DPS combo fillers.

    Most common end game skills and levels you'll have-
    Shield Splinter 18,19, or 20
    Shield Grenade 15
    Shield Break 9, 12, or 15
    Shield Ray 20
    Shield Explosion 19 or 20
    Force Kick 9 or 20
    Shield Charge 9 or 20 (Depends on your play style, I use mostly as a quick filler, quickly zap up to a boss to make sure AoD space is right, and to bust open chests in dungeons so keep it at 9, pvp use FK9 a lot then SC fills until FK recharges)
    Impact Stab 20
    Rising Shot 20
    Force Stab 20
    Round Cut 20
    Soaring Shot 20

    hth a bit

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