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Thread: Need a little help.

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    Need a little help.

    Okay i've been at this for a week now and i still cannot get it to let me login on the main site cabal.com it's always saying i keep putting incorrect login/pw i changed my pw put it still dont work pretty lame right? Here's the funny part i can login in the game with it, I got some coins when i first started since i played this before and it was goodish notice the ish the gm's werent that great back then and im guessing it hasnt changed from most the post im reading. But if anyone has any idea's or if im making some kind of mistake i would really appreciate it if someone would give me some help.

    Edit and i just found my old account info and tried that and it's still not letting me in im not from the euro game i've always played this one so i really have no idea what to do and i cant really do a support ticket so im kinda in a bundle here.
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