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Thread: [First Guide] How to Summon Mercenaries! [First Guide]

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    [First Guide] How to Summon Mercenaries! [First Guide]

    Well, the second Cabal V came out, I decided to make a guide of how to Obtain your first / Summoning your own Mercenary!

    Useful Info to remember:
    - You MUST be level 100 or higher (Rank 11)
    - The "Y" key is to open up the mercenary Menu.
    - You will need to buy summoning gems (From ANY NPC Grocer)
    - All Mercenaries can ONLY BE USED IN DUNGEONS! (Such as lake in dusk, Frozen Tower of undead B1F, B2F etc.)
    - All mercenaries run on a timer which can be viewed in your Party Interface.
    - You will gather different sorts of Mercenary cards (Normal/Rare/Epic/Unique). Remember to only buy the gems YOUR Mercenary needs. (Eg. A Corrupt Force Archer - Normal Summoning Gems.)
    - Lastly, using the Mercenary card will consume 1 Gem.

    1. Let's get started!

    Open up the quest list, and up the top of the list, should be numerous tabs with quests under them. (Eg. Corrupt Force Shielder)

    Speak to the officer depending on which class you choose.
    (Force archers start at Green Despair - So talk to Schuteberk or whatever the officer's name is.)

    You need 1,000,000 Alz (1M) to purchase the book the officer shows you.

    Right click the book, it should open up the mercenary menu (which can be accessed by pressing the "Y" key.

    3. Drag the card of your mercenary from the mercenary menu to your desired skillslot (the bar at the bottom which should hold all of your abilities)

    4. To activate
    When in any dungeon, press any key you assigned the mercenary to on your skillbar to summon your corrupt soldier.

    These soldiers do not attack gates, chests or other misc.


    Q: Which corrupt soldier is the best?
    A: it suits your style, But I suggest anything close combat such as a warrior or a blader.

    Q: How do you use the mercenary buffs?
    A: In your mercenary menu, there should be another card (skill).
    Depending if your soldier has any buff skills, dragging this skill to your skillbar is the way to execute a mercenary buff.

    Q: Where do I get better Mercenaries?
    A: You get better mercenaries in: Volcanic Citadel (SoD) and Tower of the undead B2F part 1 (Eod2)

    Any more questions, feel free to post, if not. Yeah >.>

    Have fun.
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