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Thread: known bugs still exist after 10th emergency maintainence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgotten View Post
    umm im not sure about anyone else but i have alot of stuff in my mail box that i can't grab out, or delete the mail since, it well has stuff in the mail.. tried different PCs, log in and out attempts, and some mail that the sent items come in can't be pulled out.. =.=
    How the system is if you have like 10 red osm cores in mail and 1 red osm core in Inventory you cant take it out..... you have to put that 1 you have in inventory inside your bank then accept the mail... hope that helped.

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    Thanks Cathi, cya in game

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    Thank you for reporting. Please provide more specific infos to find the error faster.

    1) some skills are still bugged when pvp and pve
    -> Can you be more specific on that? (ex. Skill name, changed damage value, the exact details to repeat the same situation)
    2) some Force blader debuff still got bug
    -> What do you mean by 'still got bug'? does it apply weaker effect than before?
    3) nation war map is bugged "sometimes log in war lobby but im at portlux map or other maps"
    4) switching channels still get disconnected
    5) some people get cabal crash error code

    -> Please let me know the exact error code.
    6) automatic level roll back on account of some players when they get "disconnect error" from switching channels (but losing items and alz that they sold or bought)
    7) many people lost items!! in inventory or storage when getting "disconnecting error" from switching channels

    -> Could you be more specific?
    8) hitting boss combo misses in dungeons with g.master skill and sometimes other skill

    We do apologize for the inconvenience.
    We will fix the error as soon as we can.

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    items are being duplicated due to switching channels, switching server, or switching character adn switching back

    no confromation on exit game or forced disconnect due to game errors

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    also daisy look at my last help ticket it has details on how to dupe/ lose your items i did not twant to post in forums

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    daisy, the only problems i have been having so far are i cannot log onto mwar chs, and the few times i do i end up being put on the false "ch32" that takes the form of a random map....
    the other problem, well not really a problem but something that you should look into are how the orange text skills are now doing 2x dmg as they did BEFORE mercenary update, can you please try lowering this back to how it was? it is getting kinda boring 1shotting ppl higher lv than me

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