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Thread: Build Advice~

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    Build Advice~

    I've been toying with ideas over the last week since I started up my warrior again. My budget is not high enough to go super high end, but enough for a decent build. My main concern is the rate/cd combination. A lot of wa's seem to like the ~39-43% range for rate because it allows for higher cd, however since critting is so important to this class anything under 50 seems a bit low. One thing I am confident of is I want my GS to be pure damage(72-80%), but the ring/helm setup is where I'm having difficulty deciding.

    I don't have enough to go 15/24, however 12/24 is possible for helm, as well as 7/34 but not 7/40. And obviously I cannot afford a rol+2.

    I don't have merg yet, but I will sometime in the future.

    So essentially I could get pc damage helm, with 30% rate gained from rings and 1 from pet/3 from kred for 39 rate. Or I could go with an extended helm (rate or damage is up in the air) and just do merg + rol + cr2 x2.

    Until I decide I've just been using 8/20 helm & 30 rate from rings(3rol 1cr2).

    So basically any ring/helm setup to go with my damage weapon for an optimal budget build would be appreciated. (~4.5b to spend on gs/helm/runes(just hp for now, will budget in the rest later)/another cr2 since one was lost during auto-rollback)

    Thanks kind citizens of Navareth~

    PS: If it makes any difference, I plan on being mainly a dungeon/bossing build over purely PVP.

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    This is my build before i retired, not using a pure cd gs.

    I used, merg ring, 14/68 osm gs and a 7/34 tit helm for my rate, 15 + 14 + 5 + 7 =41% rate, never got kred so
    68+20(base)+34+45(3x cr2) + 5 from aop =173*cd (forgot the 1% from merg)

    btw, your sig is ultra cute
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    I like that build. However 14/68 would be too hard to find, at least on Venus. Best I've seen is an op 14/60. Thanks for your input, still looking to hear from others though.

    I <3 my sig too. XD

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    well my rate is 42%

    i have 15% rate from merg ring
    10% from rol+1
    8% from helmet
    3% from kred
    1% from pet
    5% base

    i got 115 dmg
    52% from wep i need to extend this one XD
    10% cr+1 i sold my cr+2 a while ago XD
    20% helmet
    2% from pet
    10% from kred
    1% from merg
    20% base

    if i go war i get a extra dmg
    10% CR+1 if i take out life absorb ring
    5% from AOP+4
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