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Thread: Cabal ACC FOR SALE!! haha

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    Cabal ACC FOR SALE!! haha

    Lvl 171 FB
    145 FA
    139 WA
    144 FS
    147 BL(cant remember exactly what lvl is the FS and BL but both are sure 140+)
    159 WI (on a different account)

    all of this for 500 bucks (only gears left are noob FA gears =P)

    i know people would know who I am but who cares! i quit already and just gotta get somethin out of this sh*tty cabal game. i'll wait for you guys on blade & Soul or Cabal 2, for now i am playing vindictus. aight laterz! oh e-mail/msn me @ cabalaccount4sale@hotmail.com (as you can see thats just an proxy email =P)

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