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Thread: Cabal Guild Errors (Work with me ESTsoft and Cabal GM's)

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    Lightbulb Cabal Guild Errors (Work with me ESTsoft and Cabal GM's)

    Guild option problems that need to be fixed
    When going to Guild Menu (I won't post a pic because it should be easy to fix and isn't hard to spot out), Go to the top right hand side of the screen where the Guild Server to Guild Nation is, shouldn't that information be filled out, because it isn't. When will this get fixed?
    The Name Search needs to be fixed. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to look up a member on there and it tells me "No Guild was found". I'm like: "what, are they going to update that soon or something?"
    Other Issues:
    The guild board occasionally glitches out after time passes. I recently tried to capture this with x-fire's video capture but I found out then that the Guild Board app is a separate item that runs in front of cabal's screen, so when I used x-fire to capture it all x-fire captured was just the cabal screen, not the guild one. This prompted me to ask why did cabal do this? Should the guild board app run congruent to cabal's program?
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    Time on Cabal?
    A: Since at least 2008.
    Old Guilds you were in?
    A: First it was <Fatalis> Then their name changed to <Imperia>. Next to follow was <Foxhound>, <Starla>, and then <Foxhound> again.
    Old name= Raganok (WA)
    New name= Rage01 (WA) Our guild is the BetterGamingGuild. Help us grow and help make gaming better both online and off.

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