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Thread: Im a new new lvl 20 wizard

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    Im a new new lvl 20 wizard

    im going to farm weak dungeons LID , Rs, and eod for Pc gear. i want to farm war level 52-79 just intell Honor rank 6-8 to help me better at a higher lvling. can i aks a full set of gear from those dungeons i should look for? i am really poor on money so this is the only good way for me to get desent gear that can last at higher lvls. this Wizard is 100% gona be my main. please an thanks for the help; an taken the time to read.

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    you should look for those Phery orbs 16 damage crafted 2 slots

    or 8% rate crafted 2 slots. The other things doesn't matter because you will have to change it.

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    get a phery orb of Deathblow with 16% cdi and 2 slots then if u extend it u would be awsome.

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    u can get phery orbs tit helm all pc dmg/rate and also u can get will boots gloves tit
    im sure it could last u for a while if u +9 or 10 it until u save up for better stuff and even u can gear ur wizard with 200mil easy boots gloves suit and ur all set u can farm for cr+1 and rol+1 but amy u will need to buy

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