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Thread: Semi, wishing everyone a happy New Year!

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    Talking Semi, wishing everyone a happy New Year!

    Happy new year to all you caballers, and a special thanks to my guild, my online home, NWA.
    And to all my friends! Slasher, darkfantasy, daene, Telepathy, DarrkD, Tridevil, Shadowrenji, Channel 17 and all you other mother fockers you know who you are!

    I hope this new year is a progressive and fun year. Set goals, aim high! Farm the sh*t out of IC, hahahahaha. Time to get wasteddd!!!!!
    Like MJ I'm a team player, so imma fuck her friends too.

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    RedOsmium Chris7's Avatar
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    lettt the sht facing commence

    Quote Originally Posted by iSeeYou123 View Post
    By the time you get to DarrkD's skill / gear lvl, you would lose your virginity.

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