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Thread: [Guide] Forgotten Temple B2F by Terror

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    [Guide] Forgotten Temple B2F by Terror

    While I may have officially quit well before episode 3 was was available in the US, I keep coming back, one way or another, to play around with updates and the like.

    Thus, here is a guide I've written for Forgotten Temple B2F in pdf form. It's much easier to keep it in this form- opposed to converting it to BBC with all my formatting) and it allows players to keep it with them on their system. (The file is safe; forgive the fact this will be my first post. :P)

    Download: Forgotten Temple B2F Guide
    View Online: Forgotten Temple B2F Guide

    It includes a crude map of the dungeon (happily stolen from the game's files) as well as step by step instructions on what to click on, what to expect, etc. It does not give any combat information such as what classes to bring or what exact strategies to use on the bosses (because, frankly, I didn't care to figure it out).

    Hope this can help someone out there. ;3

    (This guide may be re-posted as desired given that my name(s) remain intact in this document and that reasonable credit is given.)

    EDIT 5/31/12 - The guide had some odd spelling corrections on the names of mobs and bosses. It has been fixed.
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