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Thread: Wizard assets?

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    Wizard assets?

    Can someone tell me a stunlock all the stunlocks i've seen so far on google are very old and no longer effective, also can i get a pvp combo and bm2 bar? im a new at the whole wiz =/ set up

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    It all depends on the user. For stun lock make sure it includes space collapse, dual cannon, energy field, arctic field all around lvl 9-12. Pvp combo should have lv 20 lances edc/sc depends on you.

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    The above 4 skills are no longer a 100% stun lock and you will get hit if you use energy field.

    Stunlock with level 20 edc and sc works. SC - stone c - fire c - aqua c - light c/meteor - edc - stone c -fire c - aqua c - light c - sc

    You can also do edc at 12 while haveing sc at whatever you like and just do edc - stone c - fire c -aqua c - light c, then end with SC on the 11th hit.
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