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Thread: Lagg spikes help

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    Lagg spikes help

    I was wondering if anyone knew how I can stop this lagg spike on cabal.
    This is the only game that I have lagg spikes on my laptop.
    Maybe theres a way I can stop this but any idea?
    I have a 4gb laptop
    I lowered all my graphics to 1 and turned off all the snow boxes.

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    Hmmm, thought I remembered you posting about this in another thread.

    1 of 4 things I am thinking being you only posted your Memory

    Processor is not an Intel or AMD
    GFX Chip is not an ATI or Nvidia, most likely I am suspecting an Intel or S3 GFX chip if it was a really cheap buy, dedicated memory is below 128-256mb
    If you live in a dorm or in a relatively rural area, could be your net connection, if it is dialup you are definitely f-ed there
    HDD Interface though may be a SATA connection its spindle speed is like 4200-5600rpm, generally see this in your cheaper to midrange laptops being at 4200rpm hdd is cheaper than a 7200rpm one and its power saving hard code in the bios may affect transfer rate also.

    Brand and Model Number of the lappie also works, but that is just my opinions above shoot blindly here.

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    Invest in a desktop...

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