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From what I remember, this version is for North America. This includes the US and Canada. Mexico is not part of North America - Mexico has the distinction of being it's own continent, Central America. You seem like a pretty decent fellow,judging by the way you responded to some of the silly comments here, and I sincerely hope that you can find a way to play.
Did you try to create a new account? (I didn't see it mentioned whether you had or not)
I have seen some Mexican guys on Cabal, but I think they actually live in the US, which explains why they can log in.
Send in a Help Desk ticket to be sure if it's a regional block, otherwise there might just be a glitch that can be worked around.
Good Luck to You!
Central America is the part between Mexico (Still NA) and South America. Though they call our version NA, it's US/CA only.