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Thread: Can't Log In To Cabal.com

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    Can't Log In To Cabal.com

    Okay so as of two days ago I haven't been able to log in to cabal.com I've never had this problem until now and I've had my account for at least a year. I can still log on to the game just not the website I even tried making a new account and I couldn't even log on to that. It says Invalid ID/ Password when I obviously know its the right info knowing I can still sign on to the game. I googled this problem and saw some people had this problem and it was firefox? So I downloaded 3 different web browsers but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Would love this to be fixed -.- any help is much appreciated.

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    Already mentioned, its on the server end, not client (user) end. Did a google search on it, props to you, so why make another thread about it when at least one already existed??

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