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Thread: Special Skill not casting

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    It isn't just you. I have a similar problem on my FA with her special. For some reason when auto attacking, it doesn't register that you are even trying to use a skill. I have to either press the key repeatedly or stop attacking then use the skill. I don't have to move around like you do, I just have to stop attacking. I don't see why others have to flame people on the forums (Before any flame responses to this, don't bother. I usually make my post then abandon thread anyway so I won't read it).

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    Haha there are quite a lot of d-bags. When they don't really answer the question. I hate individuals like that.

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    I try my best not to feed the flame lol. So I usually post once or twice then move on. I am bored right now so I am looking through random stuff. I try to answer to the best of my knowledge and confirm with others. Skilling is so BORING!

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    The best skill on wizards is sharpness; I use it all the time and it usually makes my two blades a lot sharper but also more brittle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazinSinner View Post
    After entering Battle Mode 2 for my Wizard most of the time Elemental Fest (Special skill) will not cast unless I move my character around first. Why is this?
    We have tested it and had no problem. =)
    If you have the same error continuously, please give us more details such as locations, time, server, channel and your character Information, etc.
    I'll close the thread.

    Thank you,
    CABAL Support Team

    I love this sig.

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