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Thread: Still cannot tranfer my OGPLANET account...

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    I am not quite sure what is going on with your account Sonicboy, but for the rest of you who get errors telling you that your account has already been transferred, then I know what is going on. Apparently, during, just before, or just after the move from OGP to ESTsoft, there was a large scale hacking of accounts. I'm not aware of how many, but a lot of people have this problem. Also, it doesn't usually seem to be because of the account's owner that they were hacked. Many people, like me, took good care of their password. Anyway, your account will have been transferred to another ESTsoft account with names such as dog*** or fhe854***. If you want it back, you will need to send a ticket to Support with your characters' names and levels as best you can recall them, and I suggest throwing in a few screen shots of your characters at various levels for good measure. As long as you don't do something like send multiple tickets (If you remember any more information that you think they need, or remember that some of what you said in your first ticket was incorrect, sending a second ticket to correct that won't count as spamming tickets, and they will not make you wait extra time.) the Help Desk will answer you pretty fast. From what I have seen of their response times, it will be answered at times ranging from minutes to a few hours, depending on when you send it. If you have enough proof, they will agree to transfer your characters back to your account. Unfortunately, the means to do this has not yet been created, but they have assured me that they are working on it, and will send an e-mail when they are done.

    Hope I helped.

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    Yeah it helped a lot after a year i manage to recover my characters. Sadly, when i did my names were changed for example all my characters were added a 0 to end of their name. So i lost the original names and i was awarded a change name card. Not that i am happy of the great effort and patience on searching my characters but i do feel the lost of my original characters name. Now i am back on game. Walkyria Venus.

    PS: Patience is a virtue.

    Seriously........ Yeah i know the world is plagued with idiocy people.

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