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Thread: Can't Delete Character

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    Red face Can't Delete Character

    Okay I'm not sure if this is a technical issue or me being a idiot issue but...I can't seem to delete one of my characters.

    I had made it a while ago and now i don't want it but every time i try to delete it i get a message that says

    " All the Sub Password must be unset in order to delete"

    Being confused already i tried, changing my Sub password, then i tried completely deleting it. Nothing is working... After fiddling with the stupid sub password for a while i gave up and decided to ask. What's the stupid message mean and how am i supposed to delete my character?
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    I read that line as all your subpasses must be turned off. Login/Bank/Equips.

    If you tried that then help desk =/
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    Yeah i think its just a you being an idiot issue, but i could be wrong so dont take my word for it lol
    do what Leonhart said and turn off all your sub passwords, then just gimme ur username/password and i'll fix your character real good for you nawwwmeen
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