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Thread: Chris' selling/buying list..

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    Chris' selling/buying list..

    Terragrace Gloves(FA) of Amp+9 or higher, 7% m.amp
    Terragrace Gloves(FA)+9 or higher, 7% m.amp in slot

    Shadow Titanium(FA) Gloves+9 7% m.amp in slot c/o 3 vouchers

    You have until next monday to bid on the gloves, because thats when my friend gets his vouchers to trade to me

    No ridiculous offers please. Please remember I am the only FA on venus rich enough to afford those gloves, and im in no hurry to buy them, so you can eather sell them to me for a reasonable price, or you can have fun looking for buyers, cuz theres NO ONE buying FA gears
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    ur still fail lmfao. u know any lapis orb db crafters??? mail me on DoMeThaGr8test

    from the DoMeThaGr8test foundations

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