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Thread: Account wrongfully blocked

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    Account wrongfully blocked

    So I started a thread in the Bug Report forum but the thread recently just got closed without any explanation: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...gfully-blocked

    Maybe I posted the problem in the wrong forum section so lets try this here.

    Several days ago, when my home ISP was temporarily down, I tried logging cabal via wireless broadband. Due to the unstable connection, I was DCing after every few minutes of logins. After about 10-20 DCs, my account got blocked without any warning. My character name: MeeZeus (Lv119 wiz, Venus server)

    My help desk ticket number is 23847 and I am still waiting for a response to my ticket as well as an explanation as to why the former thread got closed. Any help or a simple "Hi, we're looking into the matter" from any GM would be much appreciated.

    Oh yes, my Question is: When can I expect to get my account unblocked?
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