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Thread: Regular Rotation List of Item Shop on Jan. 31

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    [GM] Sky

    Regular Rotation List of Item Shop on Jan. 31

    Dear CABAL players,

    New costumes and pets are released for this week.
    Please check out the released items as below:

    Released Items for This Week
    *Below items are available on our Item Shop from 1/20 Thu to 1/26 Wed.

    1. Dancing Temtation(Set)

    2. Dancing Temtation 30 days

    3. Black Suit

    4. The Sage Tower Apprentice Suit perm

    5. Water Elemental Dress

    [War Costumes]
    1. Uniform of Procyon (BL) perm

    2. Uniform of Capella (BL) - perm

    1. Pet - Gentle Parrot

    2. Pet Peng

    3. Pet - Cutie Lai

    4. Pet Garlie

    5. Pet - Red Garlie

    [Pet Change Kits]
    *You can change the appearance of your pet with Pet Change Kits!
    The pet option will not be reset by using this item.

    1. Pet Change Kit Woolly

    2. Pet Change Kit - Nevareth Husky

    CABAL Support Team

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    Osmium fsflashy's Avatar
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    west coast
    still no frontier stone?

    [Jaeger 18x BL]

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    I think.... my location is where my house is... I 'think'.

    Sig by the one and only! Infi!! =D
    - Mercury.
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    ..wanna see it again? =p

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    i want the frontier stones so i can go back to grind on PI XD

    buying lv3 Sword carts and dark disc

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    Shadow Titanium rythemz's Avatar
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    Frontier stoneeee~~~

    -- Indomie enak --

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    More junk is junk. NEW BEADS NOW.

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