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Thread: <xXxBloodLinexXx> RECRUTING!!!

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    Wherever your not!!!

    <xXxBloodLinexXx> RECRUTING!!!


    <xXxBloodLinexXx> is recruting any high lvl active players meaning any lvl higher than lvl 60 are qualified...

    The guild have mostly FS, and FB. However, we are willing to recruting all kinds of Character as long as your ACTIVE!!!...

    Our Guild is mostly Cap but we have some Procs to so nation is not a problem for us...

    The guild is friendly and active!!! Most of the time is very fun!!! so Pm ZarkPain for more info or for your invite...

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    Bump thread...

    Done post...

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    I'm kidding, whoever wants to join pm zark or me and I'll let you in. Yeah you have to be active though. Thanks.

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