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Thread: S> 180 WI w/ full gear?

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    i offer half a lamb chop and some rice....got a half can of sprite here too
    Tookie 17X BL

    My father once told me "Son, if you want people to listen to what you have to say, claim it's something your father told you."

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    lol fiery is a high baller, he gonna offer u 5k.
    not saying that wiz has max amulet crafting =/
    that you forgot to include!

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    crafting added bump

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    omg >.<!!! you still havent accepted my challenge! come to merc so i can kill you before you quit~~~ ill make you eat eat snow envy me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat View Post
    Contemplating quitting, no reason for me to play anymore, way too much work for so little in this game nowadays, the customer service is bad, events are even worse...bugs are never fixed, new gear for myself is months upon months away...so if I get decent offers I'll sell my WI

    MAX ammy crafting

    +10 7/180 sig suit
    +10 7/180 sig boots
    +11 forc amp gloves 5% MP steal
    +10 7/40 osm martial helm
    +12 8/24 forcy orb (if i do quit im going for 13)
    +11 40 dmg +5 mag atk topaz orb (CHAR bound, will come w/ the wiz)
    30 def drosnin/2x vamp 6's
    3x cr2
    merg ring
    eos 8
    +4 damp/vital belts

    every good rune maxed besides CD which is currently lvl 3

    blended are counter force and defenceless

    If I do end up quitting I will update this post, and if I decide to stay for whatever reason I'll update it as well.

    start bidding via forum or pm me, would like to sell the entire wiz with gear for a large sum of fierysagittarius if u catch my drift
    And you say I QQ alot. BTW my Wiz is already gone just selling last bit of gear. not sure if I'm gonna reroll to a WA or maybe make a cheap mFS and profit from it.

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    I think.... my location is where my house is... I 'think'.
    I bid $11,000 USD.
    When hell freezes over >=D

    Sig by the one and only! Infi!! =D
    - Mercury.
    - tewfiddy+ posts.
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    ..wanna see it again? =p

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    Gonna miss ya bro, should hook me up!
    Like MJ I'm a team player, so imma fuck her friends too.

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    current offer: 1.2 fierys o.o

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    yo bro, don't quite. Just take a break for 6-7 months, maybe even a year. come back see what happens. a LOT of effort was put into ur char don't like a douche liek fiery buy it ><!!

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    Looks like someone else is gonna lose 90 pounds lol

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