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Thread: Looking for people to talk to!!! :D

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    Wink Looking for people to talk to!!! :D

    My friend and I just started playing on Venus about 4 days ago.
    One thing i noticed about this game is that there seems to be no players running around.
    For example, ya know how whenever you go into a town you get a bit of a lag cause of all the people? well, i get no lag, cause there are NO people lmao! D:
    Is it because im playing on a premium server, or is it because everyone has moved on to the higher levels? Either way it still kinda makes me feel lonely
    Thats why ive decided to make a thread about this
    I would totally like to meet and game with more players.
    If yall are reading this please provide me with your avatar name so i can add you and what not. It would make the game alot more fun for me! (and my friend) THANKS !
    If yall want yall can add me and my friends name too. Were both pretty active too!
    My name: Felixxer level 56 blader
    My friend's name: Zanahora level 62 force archer
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