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Thread: GA accounts were investigated

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingSoul View Post
    All good, but it got jacked by the [GM]s. WOnder if they'll give it and the costumes back?
    Yea, I guess you can say it still got hacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver2020 View Post
    no ?
    Itis whatever he wants it to be. *wink*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    Itis whatever he wants it to be. *wink*
    lol bro your sick xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triplethreat View Post
    Says the guy who has a guildie who paid USD for his character.
    Just to let you guys know, According to DarkkD, Matrimoney also bought his character from someone. Just to throw that out there. maybe it's rumor idk...
    If anyone like to find out, just ask DarrkD


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    Just to clear thing up here.
    What was approved with OGP was to give GAs the monthly Platinum service, not any other items.
    However, it turns out that GMs had given little too much than what they should have given.
    We had investigated the items and the game logs to search for the items given out manually and have removed them.
    Going through additional investigations for those who claimed that their items which they looted from the game had been removed.
    If the record show that he or she had picked up the item from the game as they claimed to have, we will recover the item; if not, well.. you better get ready for.. *cough* *cough* ba.. *cough* n..

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