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Thread: 100% important quest lines?

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    100% important quest lines?

    i'm barnd new to the game and friend power lvld me like alot. + questing + skipping some grey quests, i'm now i'm at 50.
    i have alot of my "important quests" that are like around level 23. there like 3-4 chains that nvr seem to end.
    are these 100% important am i screwed if i leave any of the important quests?
    the class lvl up quests i have done.
    i search google like mad to see what these quests give, the only one i know one chain is for allowing u to select a nation.like the ones with scruberk and skaild etc. can i skip those?

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    just quit

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    or start a new character and do everything yourself, just saying.

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    Important quests would be the BSLV quests needed for the Rank level up, and the quest line needed for choosing a nation. Others you can skip I believe.

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