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Thread: 'd the game work on WIndows Safe mode

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    'd the game work on WIndows Safe mode

    Would the Game work on Windows Safe mode or the game guard won't allow it ???
    I live In Egypt Does the game work in Egypt or its only available for USA ???

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    1) Safe Mode I don't believe will work, a lot of the framework drivers like DirectX and such are disabled from running in Safe Mode most times.

    2) Doesn't hurt to try downloading and seeing if it will connect here or not being CabalGlobal did merge with us. Have seen a couple people from Saudi Arabia on Mercury Server within the game. Would probably say it is a very good possibility that you can. Only constraints the developers put on who can connect to what Cabal Server Version is if you already have a Cabal Version like here in the US we CabalNA/Global then I can't play in Cabal Philipines or Korea etc.

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