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Thread: WTS lvl 172 Blader

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    Smile WTS lvl 172 Blader

    Well, Bored of Blader (xReaverx) as you know may know em so I'm Selling em off, he will be missed hehe

    Blader Info: Honor Rank 11 (77.82%) last time i looked,
    also Contains most of the useful runes for bl (Max Hp Rune, Str, Int, Dex, Def Rate, Def and more!) Blader Also has Max lvl basic crafting with almost all Cards available besides lvl 9s/ SEL/SEM but all other cards ^_^ Amp pots etc. Also Obtains Lycanus Katana 27% cdi 1% rate/ 100 hp +15 Def Drosnin/ 35 Defense Drosnin and more!

    Also throwing in Weapon skins ice katana and also Blade, Willing to throw in Free costume as well (Sage Tower Apprentice)

    Not that its to impressive, but blader also is at Titanium in all pieces of Martial set (been trying to get past the proof with no success)

    The Blader will Be missed, but FA is my new interest gotta bring back that spark into the game and FA is pretty fun ^_^
    Also has (Merg ring)

    Thanks All for the Blader fun Feel Free to add me on my FA (Saitex)

    Leave offers below/mail me/pm me in game ^_^ (Alz/FA Items only not selling for USD) -.-
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    Wow, I give u a bump.. How much u selling?

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    Currently looking for a Starting Bid hehe thinking Around 950mil+transfer (BUMP)

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    check your pm's
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    800 dollars and a ass grope

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    yup yup sold XD

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    u already selling ?

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